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About Us

TheExplorerBlog Marketplace, officially launched on August 21, 2020, is a photography license exchange platform. Originally launched in December of 2019, TheExplorerBlog is an aviation photography and news platform based in the greated Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area.

Frequently Asked

General Questions

What is TheExplorerBlog Photo Marketplace? TheExplorerBlog Marketplace is a platform where aviation photographers can upload their photos, subject to guidelines, to start earning revenue for their pictures. In exchange, clients or customers can come to our site to look through our extensive database and find a photo they like.

What is the difference being applying to be a photographer and creating an account? Creating an account allows you to make purchases while applying to be a photographer allows you to upload photos subject to a quick vetting proccess.

What is the difference between regular photo submission on the main website and this? Our main website, otherwise known as TheExplorerBlog, has less strict photo guidelines. Additionally, on the main site, you can earn rewards like badges for your work. However, on this site, you have the ability to earn revenue on your images.

What sets this Marketplace apart from other sites that sell aviation photos? We offer 5 major benefits: competitive rates, an advanced user experience, reliability, and security, among other reasons.

What does tier level signify? Tier Level is on a scale from 1 to 3 to show which pictures are mediocre, great, and exceptional. The higher the tier level, the better the photo! Tier level also determines the price range that photographers can set their rates from.

Questions From Photographers

As a photographer, what cut of sales do I get? For photographers, we give you a 40% commission for your work. This number changes as more photos are purchased.

As a photographer, how do your protect my photos? We automatically watermark all of your photos to protect from any form of photo stealing. Additionally, on some pages, the photo copy feature is disabled.

Are there any restriction on the photo size I can upload? If you want your photos to be able to be published on print forms of media, the required size is 2500 pixels. Otherwise, the required pixel size is 1280 px. The DPI or dots per inch requirement is 280 per inch, which is a measure of resolution. The maximum photo size cannot exceed 15 MB.

Are there any requirements for photos uploaded? We have photo guidelines which can be accessed here.

What does queue information mean? This means the amount of slots you have to upload. At the beginning, each user is given 15 photo slots. Queued photos and rejected photos count for these slots. This is to prevent too many uploads that do not follow our guidelines. Rejected photo slots refresh three days after the rejection.

Questions From Clients/Customers

Am I required to make an account to purchase licenses? Yes, you are required to. This way, we can guarantee cart information is sent to the server properly.

What do each of the different licenses mean? Our licenses are defined as follows: Commercial Use: The right for companies to use the image for promotional purposes or to generate revenue. Customers may be required to obtain third-party licensing including trademarks, property releases, etc. General Use: The right for a customer to use an image for personal use, i.e. for a wallpaper on a computer. Publication License: The right to license images to be used in a printed context i.e. magazines and newspapers. Media License: The right to reproduce images online in an editorial context

Are photos on theexplorerblog.com available for purchase? Unfortuanetely, they are not. You can always leave a comment below the photo if you are interested in purchasing it. The photographer will get an email notificationa and will reply to your request.

I can't find the picture I am looking for. If the photo you are interested in finding is not in our database, we can communicate with our photographers to deliver that photo to you. Feel free to email us at support@theexplorerblog.com

Team Members

Washington, D.C., USA • President
Daniel is a 16-year-old aviation photographer from the Washington D.C. area. He was born in West Islip, New York, a town located immediately under the JFK approach path. Every day, he would watch planes land and yearn to fly with alongside them. As a non-revenue passenger, Daniel flew often, even sitting next to a celebrity on one of his flights. When he was ten years old, his family moved to the D.C. area, where he began to experiment with web development. Over the years, he progressed his knowledge from front end to back end to full stack development. He has recently even begun developing mobile and desktop applications, and is currently experimenting with Deicing track and scheduling programming.
About a year ago, Daniel created an Instagram account and decided to begin plane spotting. Through this passios, he has met many great people and traveled to many cool places. He continues to express his passion in many different ways; one of which being TheExplorerBlog.
Washington, D.C., USA • Vice President
Winston is an avid high school student. When Winston was a toddler, his parents took him to Red Bank Battlefield Park in New Jersey to watch planes. Ever since he was 8, he has had a passion for aviation. He likes watching planes fly over his house under the IAD approach path. One day, he would like to be an entrepreneur or businessman contributing to the aviation industry.. In his free time, Winston likes to spot planes, and play chess or video games.
San Francisco, USA • Photo Screener
Arkin is a high school aviation photographer based out of SFO. He first got into aviation by going to Bayfront Park frequently when he was young. After learning how to push a button, he started using a point and shoot before he learned how to use a dslr. Now, he enjoys spotting with his fellow SFO spotters and spotting in different airports around the bay and world. His favorite part about aviation photography is the creativeness that photography provides. When editing, he loves to experiment with the sliders and try new things. When not taking pictures or editing, he is doing homework or playing games.
San Francisco, USA • Photo Screener
Singapore • Photo Screener
Panteley is an aviation photographer based in the world's best airport (in his opinion), Changi Airport Singapore. He started liking aviation as he used to travel often and enjoyed airplane rides. He started doing research on different planes when he was ten years old and began learning how to build and fly RC planes. He participated in some RC flying competitions as well! Around 3 years ago, his classmate introduced him to planespotting and ever since, planespotting has been Panteley's main hobby. Whenever he has time, he explores new spotting locations and finds really cool angles to shoot from.