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  • We offer the BEST rates in the industry.
  • In-House licensing
  • No minimum quota
  • Joining a website built for Avgeeks
  • Quick customer service
  • Strong development platform
  • Dynamic realtime analytics

  • Wide variety of high quality photos
  • Instant transaction processing
  • Competitive pricing
  • In-House licensing

Our Mission is to provide high-quality aviation media at competitive rates.

Our Services

Guaranteed Security

Our developers keep security in mind when creating our softwares. Our team ensures that there are no vulnerabilities in our system. We prioritize keeping your information safe. Credit card information is never stored in our servers; they are sent for processing to a highly secure third-party application.

Our site is designed with reliability in mind. Our team monitors website analytics and handles error reports to ensure the best experience. Additionally, submitted photos are screened quickly and rejection reasons are communicated effectively. Our customer service team is always happy to answer questions and comments, and will reply to concerns as quickly as possible.
Strong Customer Base

Our team has done the hard work of reaching out to hundreds of news corporations, in order to allow more aviation photographers to get their content featured in news outlets all across the world. Disputes are also handled through our team, so photographers can focus solely on producing and submitting their best content.
Competitive Pricing

We offer some of the best rates in the industry to ensure that both the photographer and consumer get fair pricing. Our commission rates are set with the photographer in mind to maximize revenue for both parties. Furthermore, commission rates are flexible, giving the photographer variability with their profits.
Advanced UI

We have designed and re-designed our pages numerous times to ensure the best user experience available. Photographers have access to real-time merchant analytics, as well as the ability to manage coupons and promotions, allowing them to be on top of their sales. Photo prices are at the discretion of the photographer, giving them full control of their sales campaign.
Professional Screening System

Each of our screening staff has the most advanced AI technology in order to ensure that your photo meets our standards. Screeners also undergo a strict application and training process focused around consistency and perfection. For the photographer, multiple databases storing thousands of aircraft and airline records are linked together seamlessly to aid in the process of photo submission.
Free to Start

There is no cost to create an account or upload photos to our website! Our account creation process is also one of the quickest in the business.

How It Works

Step 1 Photographer Submits Photo to TheExplorerBlog Staff

Step 2 Screening Staff Carry Out Thorough Evaluation of the Photo

Step 3 If Accepted, Photo is Sent to Photographer for Price Selection

Step 4 Photographer Sets Photo Price, Publishes Photo

Step 5 Customer Finds Photo and Decides to Purchase

Step 6 Customer Purchases Photo with Secure Payment Portal

Step 7 Payment is Sent to Photographer

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